Marco Di Meco.

I hope always for the best, even when life is hard
and everything, show me how fast the time can burn itself
so, i go back into the music and i feel free to burn.

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Marco Di Meco.

LUCILLA is out now!

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A versatile musician, Marco Di Meco is one of the most respected artists in the international music scene. Approaching the music from an early age, after finishing his studies he starts the concert career debut as a soloist with the K313 concert of Mozart with the Orchestra of the Conservatory "D'Annunzio" directed by Rinaldo Muratori. He was a pupil of flutists Sandro Carbone, Mario Ancillotti and Angelo Persichilli. He founded several chamber music ensembles with which he played many concerts in Italy and Europe. In 2012 he began to compose music, mostly for improvisation, and recorded his first album "5 Colori" which comes out in the summer of 2014 and from which the association with the independent label Wide Sound. In fact, for the same record company come out in 2015 "Rosalinda" and in April 2016 "Lucilla", his latest album. Marco Di Meco is also active in literary and educational field with several publications on the market. He is currently working on a new solo album.

Marco Di Meco
Marco Di Meco
Marco Di Meco

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